interpreting // Techniques

Specific interpreting situations require certain modes of interpreting. Let’s find out together which one is best suited for your event.

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, a team of 2 (to 3) interpreters works in a soundproof booth* and translates what is being said into the other language with nearly no time loss. To ensure a consistent level of interpreting quality, interpreters take turns every 20 to 30 minutes. The audience hears the interpreter via headphones. This interpreting mode is particularly suited for conferences and congresses with a large number of participants.
*The installation of a booth is not always necessary.

Tour guide system

If only very few conference participants require translation or if the event takes place at different locations (e.g. a plant tour), the use of a tour guide system may be useful. To this end, the interpreter speaks into a microphone and the audience listens to the interpretation via headphones.

Whispered interpreting

In this mode, the interpreter sits or stands directly behind a maximum of two conference participants and interprets what is being said into their ears. This is particularly arduous for the interpreter’s voice and can thus be only used over a limited period of time. This interpreting mode is most suited for conferences where only 1 to 2 participants require translation.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks after the speaker has finished speaking or after longer text segments. This method requires no conference equipment but lecture time is nearly doubled. This mode of interpreting is particularly suited for shorter events such as receptions, festive occasions, dinner or welcoming speeches.

Liaison interpreting

In liaison interpreting, the interpreter sits between two or more interlocutors and interprets what is being said to and fro. This mode of interpreting is particularly suited for business meetings and requires no conference equipment.

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