Communication increasingly takes place in an international setting. As a committed interpreter and translator, I am pleased to set the stage for your grand entrance.

With a keen sense of the situation, the persons involved, the words and above all the meaning, I help you understand your interlocutor better and ensure that your message gets across. Ideally as if you were talking to each other directly.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or advice.

Trust and reliability

As a freelance conference interpreter and translator I have been working in various areas of expertise for many years now. In close cooperation, I offer reliable language services to renowned customers.

Language and work

I weigh my words – in all of my working languages:

A language=German (mother tongue),
B language=English (active language, interpretation from and into this language),
C languages=French, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian (passive languages, interpretation from these languages into the mother tongue).

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